thechallengeYou’re missing out on sales you may otherwise have won. Why?

It’s exciting hearing that email “ping” or that telephone ring as a prospective client enquires, I am sure you’ll agree. And after you meet them, chat through their needs, you get a ‘yes’.

But how many times have you had a prospective client go cold? You seemed sure they would buy. But despite your best attempts, many of them simply slip away.

So, what about the ones you don’t hear from? Well, you follow them up, right?

But then they’re “away from their desk” when you call. Or you smell a rat when a colleague says they are in a meeting.

And this can go on. And on. Until you finally give up in despair.

What if instead, more of them said yes straight away to the proposal? Or, if they’re not taking your calls, you have something extra to send them that will make the difference?
thesolutionIt’s word of mouth. In survey after survey, the opinions of others are the chief reason people buy. 

Nielsen, in their 2-yearly survey, has confirmed the biggest influence according to 30,000 respondents from more than 60 countries is recommendations from people they know.

And in third place in the same survey, is “opinions” posted online. In other words, word of mouth from people you don’t know.

So what happens when you incorporate word of mouth into every proposal you send to a client? Quite simply you sell more.

You get more prospects saying yes straight away. You have ammunition you can use to follow them up.

Your sales conversions will rocket. Just like Dian – her sales rose by 264% within 3 months when she incorporated client stories into her proposals.

Client stories? These are vivid stories which tell the full story of a client’s experience in a way which persuades people to say yes.

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What can a friendly slice of Moussaka teach us about Word Of Mouth?

In the Spotlight

Promote Your Business By Commenting In Press Releases

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If you’d like some free publicity, this is a win-win for both of us. I produce articles on a range of small business topics. Not all of them directly related to my business. But they are topics of interest to other small businesses. So if you are featured, potential customers will get to know you and your company. Want to see an example? Take a look here: Cutting Corners And Costs To Stay Alive – Small More [...]
Drayton Bird, Author And Marketing Legend: DraytonBird“I have worked with Ian Denny for 14 years, including a pleasant recent project in Indonesia, so can tell you the truth. If you want more new business (and who doesn’t in this miserable economy?), he shows you how to get it – not in theory, but before your very eyes, at your desk. If you have anything worth selling, you will be getting enquiries quickly, and be left with the tools to keep them coming in as often as you want. Ian is too damn modest. I don’t know anyone who comes up with so many clever ideas so fast.”
(Drayton Bird on Wikipedia)

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