NWS PAUL HEAPSIan Denny founder of Plus 1 Networking.I’ve failed. I’ve at times given up. Business is damned hard.

But there’s one thing I’ve always been able to do. And that’s “attract clients” without the hard sell.

That’s what I enjoy doing. Especially for people who want a bullshit-free approach to doing just that.

If you’ve given up on “magic wand” solutions to solve the problem overnight, then you’re in the right place.

I Use Something Unusual – Something That Makes You Stand Out Against Your Rivals…The Truth:

  • I create vivid, jump-off-the-page client stories which mean you don’t have to sell – your clients do it for you without needing to be present
  • I teach you how to project the real you in a polite informal tone on LinkedIn in a way which attracts clients
  • I write educational guides about what you do which attract prospects to your website

Stop Bloody Well Selling Online – Nobody Will Listen Anyway – Instead, Attract Clients

I’m a LinkedIn specialist.

That’s where all your future clients hang out.

But don’t go storming through the forest hunting your prey.

Instead, cut the grass in a nice clearing. Lay out a picnic blanket. Put on a few tunes. Get cooking, let those smells waft out into the forest.

Put out a sign saying “Welcome”.

And let people come to you when they’re ready.

Have in stock everything they need to make a decision. And instead of laying traps and firing your shotgun at anything that moves, sit back and let your prospects step out into your clearing.

I do it all for you.

I clear a path on LinkedIn for prospects to take. We keep on playing the tunes your ideal prospects like to hear. An album if you like.

In the form of posts that grow on people. They keep tuning in. Sometimes their feet will tap – a “like” or a comment.

Sometimes they’ll listen in from afar.

Eventually, if you keep it up, they’ll start making themselves known. Either in direct messages. Phone calls. Website visits where they subscribe.

And that’s where the sales come from.

Browse around. Download the free stuff. Use it – there’s enough there for you to take the DIY route without ever contacting me.

I hope you find it useful. And if you ever need me, you know where I am. I’m in charge of the picnic and you’re welcome to join me whenever you are ready.