NWS PAUL HEAPSIan Denny founder of Plus 1 Networking.Hi, I’m Ian Denny and that’s me (admittedly an old pic, but decent pictures are harder to get now it’s 9 years later).

This site is all about Word Of Mouth and how we neglect the most trusted form of advertising (according to Nielsen in their regular survey).

You Are In The Right Place If:

  • You have ever been recommended, and know how much easier it is to deal with customers who come to you with an endorsement from a happy client
  • You know word of mouth works, would like more business generated that way, but perhaps have never really done anything about it
  • You want this type of business because you know they say yes more quickly, quibble less over price, and have fewer objections.

Using The Experiences Of Your Happiest Clients To Win More Business

I’ve been in marketing ever since I quit telesales in the early 1990’s after a short and spectacularly unsuccessful career. The hard sell just wasn’t for me.

So I began a journey in marketing for management training, IT training, running my own IT support company, charity work, freelance copywriting, a Business Development Director for a publishing house in Jakarta Indonesia, until I arrived where I am now, doing what I enjoy the most – word of mouth marketing.

It first intrigued me when one day I went through every invoice for the previous 3 years and jotted down how much business had originated from a recommendation.

It was £127,000. Then I looked at who had recommended and why. Like you maybe do, I just thought “That’s great, I wish we could get more”, and then got back to whatever I was doing at the time.

Some time later, I was wanting to recommend a friend who had done a great job, but I was busy. Instead of picking up the phone and calling a half dozen people to see if they needed her services, I emailed 65 clients all at once, sharing my experience.

28 of them agreed to a meeting with her. After repeating that several times, I now replicate that for others – in their marketing, tenders, client proposals and in campaigns.

Now, I help people generate more word of mouth business using all of the lessons I’ve discovered.

If you just want to know what I can do to start making it happen, why not complete the form on the right and I’ll tell you how you can get started.