Become Better Than Your Rivals Instantly – The Answer Is In The Mirror

You can get more word of mouth referrals pretty easily if you become more interesting. And a very simple way of doing that is being better than your rivals.

Word of mouth, and therefore new clients are attracted when people talk about you. Either unprompted, or, if you bottle their stories in the form of a case study you can deploy as hard evidence at any time.

But if all you do is pretty much the same as everyone else, what’s to talk about?

Ready for a flash of the blindingly obvious? So obvious in fact you’ll miss it. Both you, and your rivals are doing things you do not tell your customers.

And the reason is very simple. After any appreciable length of time in whatever endeavour you are involved in, you take what you do for granted. For some reason, perhaps it’s familiarity, we forget the things we do which add value. And even stop telling customers about it, but we assume it is a given.

Not to your customers it isn’t. They are not sat in your desk every day, so they don’t see it unless you point it out.

It could be free support for 30 days or more. Or even a money-back guarantee which you introduced because it rarely if ever is called upon.

Think through your day and what you and your colleagues do to assist your clients. Many things will not be charged for. They are bundled into what you deliver.

They may even be absolutely necessary. List down everything you do. Now ask yourself, do we mention that on our website? Do we talk about it when we speak to or meet with clients?

Is it believable? You may assume that your clients will believe you, but maybe they won’t. If you can, ask a real client who experienced that particular element of what you do positively for a quote.

Turn it into a real and tangible experience.

What About Your Competitors?

If you aren’t claiming these extra benefits, it is likely your local rivals aren’t either. Of course you should know all about your local competition and what they are up to and at least matching them.

What about beating them, getting your clients talking, and winning more business? But if you are stuck for ideas, think outside the box. Or rather “Google” outside your area and find competitors in other cities, or even countries.

They may be making a huge song and dance, convincingly about things you also do, but don’t ever mention.Or they may be offering something you don’t, but could easily add.

Help your clients recommend you. It needn’t be loud and brash, just the simple things you already do, take for granted and rarely mention that helps you hit the tipping point to more recommendations and business.

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