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A 47-page, 6,679 word “Do It Yourself” guide detailing the step-by-step process for growing your business through word of mouth.

Dian – featured case study of how she applied word of mouth principles to treble her sales.

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This Handy DIY Guide Helps You To…

…persuade more prospective clients to buy – especially the ones that usually get away.

How is revealed in the guide. You’ll understand why it works from your own experiences of giving and receiving recommendations. But here’s two important points which explain precisely the reasons:

1. Purchasing decisions. The biggest influence on a purchasing decision in Nielsen’s regular survey (30,000 people from 60 countries) is recommendations.

Now, not all enquirers come from recommendation.

So introducing the recommendation effect at specific pivotal moments helps many more decisions go in your favour.

2. Conversation Rates. Hubspot’s survey of 8.900 companies across 28 sectors reveals that the average sales conversion rate is 19%.

Small increases in the sales conversion rate have a bigger impact than you may at first realise.

For example, say you’re about average (19%), when you increase the sales conversion by 5%, your turnover increases by 26.3%.

Much of the focus in the guide is on the final part of the process – the decision time, usually when price is discussed.

But it’s also about the steps you and your enquirer take on the journey to becoming a client – allowing the experiences of happy clients to touch and influence the hesitant.

There are many ingredients in the creation of that word of mouth sparkle. A cocktail if you like.

Part journalism, a newshound sniffing out the story behind the customers’ experience. And a storyteller, with a marketing kick, and a splash of sales.

Download the article (there’s no charge – whether you ever ask for help or not), it details precisely how.

So, if you’re about average, you lose around 4 out of every 5 opportunities. But not all opportunities are equal.

When you’re recommended, prospects you would otherwise lose decide to buy more often, with less resistance.

What you discover is a way of adding this effect to the opportunities where you lacked the endorsement of a client.

In a nutshell, the guide helps you sell more than you otherwise would, because you get more sales from people who may otherwise choose a rival.

Give Your Sales A Boost Without The Hard Sell – The Contents:

* Low-Hanging Fruit. Unlocking Winnable Clients Through Word Of Mouth
* How Many Winnable Clients Do You Lose?
* What’s It Worth?
* How To Add Word Of Mouth After The Fact
– Bottling And Uncorking Word Of Mouth – Vibrant Client Stories
– Obtaining Permission, Respecting Confidentiality And Editorial Privilege
– The Client Interview Process
– The Verbal Permission Process
– Before The Interview – Preparation
– During The Interview
– Concluding The Interview
– After The Interview
– Post-Draft Approval
– Testimonials Versus Vibrant Client Stories
* First Impressions – Do It Sooner Too
* The DIYers Guide To Applying It In-House – Your Check-List

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