Case Studies Versus Client Stories

swordbaguetteYou’re going into battle. Choose your weapon. Prefer a sword or a baguette?

It’s a no-brainer of course. But in word of mouth and general marketing endeavours, people think the baguette is the most effective.

The baguette is the equivalent of a case study. Or, in my humble opinion, a missed opportunity to win the battle.

Instead, use the sword. It’s a client story. But why is it more effective in the battle to win clients through word of mouth? And more widely too in your overall marketing efforts?

That’s because most case studies omit the steel and opt for the crusty bread which is soft in the middle.

Look at your own. Look at those your competitors use. You will see that they produce a factual narrative of the product or service they delivered.

They focus on what they delivered. The technical specifications in construction tenders for example. Or outlining the legal process they went through when a lawyer writes about what they did for the client.

The steel however comes in two distinct parts:

  1. Detailing the results you delivered. In other words, what impact the product or service had on the client AFTER they used the product, or availed themselves of the service in question
  2. It is written from the supplier’s perspective rather than that of the client.

I won’t repeat what you will find elsewhere on this site with even a cursory glance in any detail. Suffice it to say, that there is ample evidence that the word of a client has the most influence on a purchasing decision.

But it is the story that makes the difference.

Presenting the results you deliver through the eyes of a client becomes a success story. Whereas producing a monologue about what you did, a dull narrative on the process or product as opposed to the impact you had, is why most people enter the battle with a baguette instead of a sword.

You need to capture a touch of emotion and drama. A compelling story which leaps off the page and moves the reader.

With you as the star of the show, racing to the rescue, and delivering results.

And that’s what you get from social proof. Expertise in capturing your best client stories, and then deploying them in a way which delivers new, repeat and referred business.

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