I Bet You Don’t Call? I Normally Don’t…

…But it’s polite to give you the option, and then a little story beneath the obligatory details…

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Let’s Face It – Most People Arriving Here Won’t Call

And I don’t blame you, because I rarely do. Unless of course you’ve already heard about my disastrous career in telemarketing?

So you won’t know that I compensate for being handily adept with the written word, by distinctly lacking in the killer instinct department on the phone.

If you want to avoid a pitch, you’re actually better off calling me.

I don’t mind a chat – but don’t expect a high-pressure close. I’m British. Quaintly old-fashioned. I prefer to send a formal proposal after a chat rather than that dreaded conversation about price.

I was schooled in a particularly British export company in my first job. On my first day, I was taught that you hold open the door for a lady. Apparently, that’s now politically incorrect.

I think you should hold open the door for anybody, but let’s not go off on another particularly dangerous tangent.

It’s about etiquette. I like customers to have contemplation time. To consider their options. Yes, I have price lists. And I can talk price, but I don’t like doing so in any depth on the phone.

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