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LinkedIn – Downloads

“How To Write A LinkedIn Post That Gets You Noticed” – a 27 page guide that you can either steal, or if you like it, buy me a coffee AFTER you’ve had it and read it.

Word Of Mouth – Downloads

“Business Growth Through Word Of Mouth” – a 47-page step-by-step guide to winning business through word of mouth and in particular creating and harnessing client stories.

LinkedIn Knowledge

LinkedIn Strategy 1 – Build A Light Brand Presence – a gentle starting point for those who know they need to stay in the game, but don’t quite know where it’s headed

LinkedIn Strategy 2 – Slow Build – this is for people who have seen the results others are getting and want to make a steady start, but know that they need to go further than toe-dipping.

LinkedIn Strategy 3 – Go For It – this is for people that want business from it and seriously. Kicks off with a sustained and high-pace 3 months strategy, lots of it outsourced, some of it in-sourced. We work rapidly on 3 fronts – connection building (target prospects and “in-betweeners”), personal brand building and getting your website ready for the inbound action.

LinkedIn – How Many Of Your Connections Are Listening?

Coming Soon

Online versus Real-World Networking – it’s not about choosing either. You can choose both and benefit in a 1
+ 1 = 3 way

Word Of Mouth Knowledge

Are You Applying The Top 3 Influences On A Purchasing Decision?

How To Get More Referrals Without Asking

Thinking 80/20 With Word Of Mouth For Better Results

Word Of Mouth Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas