How I Tripled My Sales In Just 3 Months

Dian Dwiwindarti, was an advertising sales rep, and subsequently Sales Manager at ‘NOW Jakarta’ – an English language lifestyle magazine for expatriates living and working in the capital of Indonesia.

“When Ian joined the magazine as the Business Development Director, the sales team of four people had been halved. There was just me and a new member of the team.”

Monthly Sales Deadlines Needed Faster Decisions

“Once you had met a client and sent a proposal, pinning them down for a decision before the copy deadline was a challenge.”

“That’s where Ian introduced client stories to help deliver faster decisions and sales. Before that, I’d persevere with telephone follow-up and often miss out on sales. Ian interviewed clients, just like he is with me now in this article, to produce materials which tell the full story.”

“These stories made a huge difference. They aided the sales pitch which naturally comes from a biased
perspective, and instead showcase the product from the perspective of the client.”

My Sales Virtually Tripled

“I’d already been at the magazine for 2 years, and with a best month of 84,000,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), I was getting closer to the all-time record of 112,000,000 IDR.”

“That changed very quickly. Within 3 months, I posted sales of 222,000,000 IDR.”

How Client Stories Help To Close Deals

“Ian took myself and my colleagues aside and explained how ‘word of mouth’ can be incorporated into the proposal process to increase sales.”

“He explained that social proof – in other words the experiences of clients just like the one you are proposing to – can help to close more sales. And that’s precisely what happened for both me and my new colleague.”

I Got Promoted

“The new member of our team performed just as well. From a standing start, she posted sales of  120,000,000 IDR within the first 6 months which is impressive for somebody building their relationships from scratch.”

“Towards the end of the year, the increased sales meant we could recruit more staff. And with the team
expanding once again to 4 people, I was promoted to Sales Manager.”

Faster Decisions, And More Sales With Less Follow-Up

“The biggest surprise for me was the increase in decisions received by email. And client stories made that
difference. Often, I would get a ‘yes’ from the first proposal attaching the story. When people can see the
experiences of a client like themselves, it gets a much faster and positive response.”

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