Lawyers: Is Your BREXIT Glass Half-Full Or Half Empty? Find Out

Do you see BREXIT as an opportunity or a threat to legal practices?

That’s what we’re asking law firms. Everyone who takes part will see the full results of the survey including opinions in the final article published as soon as the results are in.

Do you see opportunity or threat in the potential swathe of changes as we transition from EU to UK law? Or do you worry about the more general economic impact? Perhaps your glass is half full and you see opportunity, or maybe you’re more concerned. Share those views (below).

Robert Bourns, the President of The Law Society was interviewed by the BBC on 2nd November. He gave, arguably a mixed view:

“In the short to medium term, there is a lot of work. In the longer term, in the event that the standing of the City of London were to be diminished, there is concern as to how much will be available in this jurisdiction, where people should be locating, where they should be qualifying and so on.”

But what do you think? Is it affecting you now either positively or negatively? Or are the ramifications still to be felt?

This article will find out and be distributed both to local and national media as a press release, but also published on this site and others with appropriate links and publicity for those who want coverage.

Should we have sufficient responses in a given geographic area, local coverage will also be sought.

If you chose to just contribute to the article, you’ll add something. But you will also see the views of others in the profession.

Take Part In 1 of 2 Ways

Either complete the survey so your view is noted. No attribution will be made to your practice. However, as a participant, you will be sent the final article. But you will also have full rights to publish the article as a blog post or article in your newsletter.

Or get some publicity too. Be quoted in the article. In the online versions of the release, your firm and a short profile introduction will be included, together with a link to your website. The article however will also be circulated to local and national media (besides, links are often removed by many online publications and omitted altogether in print).

ALL PARTICIPANTS who choose publicity will see a draft version of the final article in context for approval and have an opportunity to change or withdraw any statements they have made.

Your Logo And Photograph

If you wish, you can have your logo featured in the version of the article published on this website, there will be 2 links – one triggered by your practice logo, and another by a text link.

In addition, it is recommended (but not compulsory) that you also supply a photograph of your spokesperson. They will be featured and captioned in the piece.

DO NOT WORRY if you do not have your logo or photograph now – you will be contacted separately if you’d prefer to send them another way, or perhaps liaise with a colleague who has access to the files.

And Finally

All participants who take part as a spokesperson will receive a hard copy and electronic version of the final article – ideal for reception area press-cutting folders. Why not complete it right now here:

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