Lawyers – Outsource And Automate Your Word Of Mouth

lawyerreferralsWhat do we do for Lawyers? Well to kick things off, you can engage us to help you experience a pleasant change – referrals without fees.

That’s because we help you get them yourself by automating word-of-mouth.

And tenders too – word-of-mouth makes a huge difference to your tender win rate, so you get more victories from all the hours you invest in preparing and submitting.

Social proof is all about re-framing what you communicate through the eyes of your happy clients.

The result? More business from people who have fewer objections, quibble less over fees and commit more rapidly because others have said great things about you.

How Do We Do It?

Vibrant client newsletters which share the positive experiences of your clients. They become the star of the show. They get positive publicity through exposure to a wider audience through you.

It will not talk about you and the quite frankly dull legal jargon that clients don’t want to hear. Instead, our word-of-mouth experts take a journalistic view.

We interview your clients to find the story behind what you do – for example what impact did the collection of a huge tranche of overdue invoices have on their business?

BUT we profile the client too. We act as their PR representative too. If they say a little more than they should advisedly reveal, the article will be spun positively.

It’s good news all the way – we find out what’s great about their business. And blend that into a story where although they are the star of the show, it was your work which produced the results that helps them stay on top.

It’s the indirect benefits of the great legal work you do that we focus on. The peace of mind solid contracts of employment give them. The protection of win-win partnership agreements. Safety and legal recourse with good trading terms and conditions.

The results and impact in other words.

And the newsletter will be littered with best practice articles – tips that can help the client, but also provide a better foundation for any future legal work you engage the client in.

That’s how you can be automatically cross-selling in a regular client communication that helps you to:

  1. Stay In Touch And Remain Top Of Mind. This underpins both repeat business, cross-sold business, and recommendations to others they know

  2. Deliver Value. Good advice builds trust and rapport, and the foundation of a long-term relationship, even when the client may only purchase infrequently

  3. Raise awareness among your clients of the breadth of legal services you offer, through vibrant social proof-based stories which illustrate the impact of what you do

  4. Introduce a number of triggering mechanisms to capture enquiries, and encourage readers to share your stories with others

  5. Seek additional coverage in the press for newsworthy stories that arise (which will mutually benefit you and your client – with full permissions of course)

  6. Essentially cross-sell additional services to existing clients

  7. Encourage referrals

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