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Social Network MarketingLawyers are no different to anyone else. They love getting natural referrals. In other words, gaining a new client based upon the glowing recommendation of a happy client.

But our attitudes to word of mouth are rather incongruent. On the one hand, you may believe, like most do (see below), that word of mouth is the most powerful influence on purchasing decisions.

At the same time, you may notice that you spend small fortunes on less effective forms of marketing such as advertisements, pay per click, SEO, content marketing, or even public relations.

While your budget for “word of mouth” is approximately zero.

What’s the truth? Well let’s look at the facts first. Nielsen conducts a survey every 2 years, and in the top 2 positions are two forms of word of mouth – from people you know, and people you don’t know:


What Can You Do About It?

Ian Denny. Word Of Mouth Expert
Ian Denny. Word Of Mouth Expert

Use an expert. Someone who knows how to trigger word of mouth for referrals. And also to cross-sell legal services.

So where does it come from first of all? It’s your clients.

People who have used your services. This works for both private clients and business clients, but in different ways. Let’s focus on your commercial clients to explain.

The same people who for example you helped to collect an overdue invoice. Or draft an employment contract. Or perhaps protected them through drafting improved terms and conditions.

Unless you did a bad job, you are sitting on a goldmine of opportunity. The people who were happy with what you did are the same people who would perhaps use you again for something else. Or recommend you if you did something about it.

And this is a common mistake in law firms. Each department becomes its own business unit. You may think your client is aware of the breadth of services you offer.

But too often, a casual mention is not enough to make an impact next time they need it. They need reminding.

Just as they need reminding about the positive experience you gave them in order for you to stay top of mind when a situation arises when they could refer.

But everyone in your practice is too busy to do anything about it.

Which is where I come in.

I bottle those positive experiences. And then uncork them in a regular vibrant newsletter. AND NO, IT DOES NOT SCREAM “PLEASE BUY”.

Instead Sow The Seeds Of Repeat Business And Referrals. Every Single Month

Instead of selling, it gently creates an oasis amongst the chaos of business communications. A pleasant environment in which they themselves discover the need to buy or recommend.

Without any undue pressure.

Why? Because it’s a newsletter full of stories. Not about you. About them. It profiles the client. It gives them a little coverage. It examines the people behind the story.

And in between newsletters, when the foundation has been laid, they receive suggestions to either buy or refer.

And there are stories that are waiting to be told. For example the result of a successful overdue invoice collection is not just the client depositing the cheque in the bank.

Nor is the result of you drafting a new employment contract that it is filed away in the drawer.

No, the results are quite different and striking. A new employment contract is a story when it’s taken out of the drawer when it’s needed because the thing your client worried may happen, actually did.

Or it may be that the contract is still gathering dust in the filing cabinet. But the client sleeps better at night because they know they are prepared should that thing happen. The kind of reassurance other clients who are worried at night will empathise with and respond to.

Or it could be that the improved cashflow of you collecting overdue debts sooner led to a positive cashflow position which allowed the company to grow.

If All You Ever Say Is “Please Buy”, People Switch Off. Instead Tell The Story To Keep Them Tuned In

And that’s what I am good at – finding the story. And then producing a vibrant article which makes your client look great. It gives them positive coverage. And cements your relationship with them.

What’s the result? Well, all of your clients will see the article. The people who bought employment contract services will see the stories about how you helped people with their cashflow. And vice versa.

So they will experience “word of mouth”. They will discover services relevant to them based upon a positive experience of a real client, just like them. They will also have the ability to enquire through the system I incorporate which looks a little like this:


Whatever areas of law you cover, the newsletter will be tailored.

It will be strategic. It will be done with full deference to client confidentiality. And I will take that even further, because it may surprise you to discover that clients sometimes say rather more than they should.

But my background in marketing and public relations (on both sides of the fence having also worked for a magazine in Jakarta), means I will edit the draft article for them with their best interests in mind too.

Want To Know More?

I realise I am bound to say “please enquire”. But that’s important. My proposal needs to be adapted. It all depends on the areas of law you focus on, and the size of your client base.

You see if you have just private clients – for example if you focus mainly on PI work – my proposal is entirely different and dependent on the opportunities to cross-sell.

Either way, it’s worth a chat. Once you tell me about your practice, your ambitions, the areas of law you focus on, I can outline how I can plug in word of mouth to make your business grow.

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