LinkedIn – From Light Presence To Client Magnet

At the end of May, the world of marketing changed. Suddenly, the world’s biggest GDPR-compliant database of business people is LinkedIn.

It’s where 540+ million people hang out. You can be contacted through it. You can contact those you see too without the GDPR Police leaping from the shadows to slap a fine on you.

Let’s look at this simply. Apart from advertising on LinkedIn, there are three main ways to secure clients without major cost other than your time:

  • Pitch people – pure and simple. Send a message
  • Engage in online networking
  • Attract clients

Out of those choices, I would suggest the “Pitch people” approach is the equivalent of being cornered at a networking event by an in-yer-face sales rep, bleating on about their widgets.

The second approach is certainly worth considering. Comment on the posts of others you would ordinarily chat to at a real-world networking event. Translated to LinkedIn, that usually means commenting on their posts, and they may do so vice versa.

In other words, build rapport and trust.

The third way is what the members of Online 40 do – a team networking approach. That means amplifying your voice. At the basic level, posting once a month.

What If You Want To Become A Client Magnet And Really Go For It?

If you’re a member, join the daily group. If you’re already in the daily group, post more often.

To achieve your goals, you need to be noticed by the types of clients you seek. So set yourself a goal, and decide on the amount of time you wish to invest.

Your Daily Or Weekly Tasks

  • Connect with relevant first degree connections. You can do this manually. In other words, use the search tools on LinkedIn and search by location, business sector or jobtitle for example. Connect. Send a personal message. Set yourself a target – 10 a day? 25? 50 or even 100
  • …But hold on a minute – that takes time. If you’re in the group, ask me about automation options. For around £8 a month, you can download and install a handy little application which does this for you
  • Post at least 3 times a week. Maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday for example. Or if you are really going for it, consider 4-5 times a week for a sustained period to boost your connections and visibility on LinkedIn

Using the automation option, that will take you about a minute each morning.

When it comes to posting, the best tip I can give is prepare it in advance. So put some time aside to write your posts for next week and save them.

That way, all you have to do is post, support anyone else in the daily group supporting each day, and then get on with your day.

Nurturing Your Connections

Do this within the context of your own posts – as a separate activity from any online networking. That means, come back to your post for say 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes in the afternoon.

Like the comments you’ve had to recognise their contribution. Answer those comments.

If you’ve chosen the automation route, connect with those who have liked and commented that are second or third degree maybe toward the end of the day.

Vary Your Posting Content

There are different schools of thought on this. But one thing that’s virtually certain is that the algorithm favours you more if you do. It is tested to work (until the next change).

That means if you choose 3 posts a week, I would recommend you post Text Only – Photo/Video – Text only.

In terms of content, this is where opinion is often divided. But this is where you need to strongly consider audience fatigue.

If you post about your service repeatedly, you may notice your audience decline.

Break it up. Talk about what you do of course. But also consider a story – perhaps an experience which taught you a general business lesson. Maybe a general business topic. Or even a personal story (perhaps not private of course) which can illustrate a point.

How To Convert Your Audience Into Clients?

Improve your profile. If you’ve downloaded and read the lessons, you’ll know that as a business owner, your profile should talk much more about what you do.

So consider replacing job titles with a call to action or the results people can expect if they get in touch and enquire about your services.

Include your phone number.

Better still consider giving away some knowledge to educate your potential clients. Perhaps a guide – a little like mine on the right. Create a webpage people can land on to subscribe and receive it.

This can build your sales funnel. How? Because you’ve demonstrated your expertise. You have given them something of value. You have potentially given your prospective client an insight into how you would be worth doing business with.

And you can then apply your chosen sales process to convert those people into clients. Perhaps an educational series of emails with the occasional call to get in touch.

Some will choose to follow-up in their own preferred style.

Build All Of This Into Your Routine

Many things are one-offs. Like improving your profile. Or creating an educational guide.

Other things like using automation software is a question of learning how to do it, then clicking the right buttons each day.

Posting really is best done as one task each week. Do them all at once so it’s easy to just post the next week. Or if you prefer, just prepare them the day before 3 times a week.

Once you’ve settled into a routine, simply maintain it.

If you invest in this for the long term, you can build a huge engaging audience. You’ll get a regular flow of enquiries. Or, a sales funnel of people you are entitled to contact in whichever way you choose.

If you do the selling, you have the leads – and much warmer ones at that. If you have a sales team, you can keep them happy with a regular influx of people you know are quality potential customers.

Next steps?

Up to you – I have a range of packages which combine me and the team doing some or most of this for you.

I can either coach you personally. Do some of the post writing and strategy for you – or do almost all of it up until the point of a relationship is developing.

Just send me a personal message on whatsapp by tapping here – or go really old fashioned and call me on 07982 417610,

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