LinkedIn Strategy 1 – Build A Light Brand Presence

This is a gentle starting point for those who know they need to stay in the game, but don’t quite know where it’s headed.

You join Online 40, a group of fellow professionals from different fields of work, and you:

  • Learn together
  • Network together
  • Support each other’s content on LinkedIn

It’s light. You need just 5-10 minutes a day to support up to 2 posts a day from your fellow members.

In return, you will receive the support of your fellow members once a month.

In a 6-lesson email series, you discover how the algorithm works, and discover a range of strategies which you choose to upgrade to.

LinkedIn’s algorithm favours posts that get support within the first hour, so your fellow members give your post a chance to be judged much more favourably in the main news feed.

This is where your content is judged by the human algorithm – i.e. continued engagement with people you are not connected to.

You May Well Get A Taste For Further Success

You can choose to stay where you are. Posting just once a month and networking and building relationships with your fellow travellers on their LinkedIn journey.

You can scour the lessons to improve your profile. Discover how to write posts that get hundreds, or more likely thousands of views.

There are two options for you next:

1. You’re raring to go – join Online 40

For full details on joining Online 40

UK, Europe and USA Timezones – click here,

Singapore and South East Asia Timezones – click here

2. You may want a little hand-holding. You need our starter package.

Prefer A Little Boost Before You Get Going? 

Have A Look At Our Starter Package

See Also

LinkedIn Strategy 2 – Steady Build – this is for people who have seen the results others are getting and want to make a steady start, but know that they need to go further than toe-dipping.

LinkedIn Strategy 3 – Go For It – this is for people that want business from it and seriously. Kicks off with a sustained and high-pace 3 months strategy, lots of it outsourced, some of it in-sourced. We work rapidly on 3 fronts – connection building (target prospects and “in-betweeners”), personal brand building and getting your website ready for the inbound action.

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