LinkedIn Strategy 2 – Steady Build

This is for people who have seen the results others are getting and want to make a steady start, but know that they need to go further than toe-dipping.

You join Online 40 (see Strategy 1), and get to grips with posting. Early successes, attention, engagement and even enquiries may give you a taste for more.

This is where you may wish to increase your posting volume to perhaps 3 or more times per week.

At this point, you can join a “daily posting” sub-group of your Online 40 club to access further post support.

This gives you a boost within the first hour, and then you are judged by people who you don’t know as well in the main news feed.

But you may want your post to travel much further?

This is where you can engage the writing team at Social Proof for post critiques. Depending on the volume of support you need from 5 to 20 posts a month, prices range from £87.50 to £400 (including VAT).

This can help your posts get thousands more views, and as a result many chances of enquiries and sales.

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LinkedIn Strategy 1 – Build A Light Brand Presence. This is a gentle starting point for those who know they need to stay in the game, but don’t quite know where it’s headed.

LinkedIn Strategy 3 – Go For It.  This is for people that want business from it and seriously. Kicks off with a sustained and high-pace 3 months strategy, lots of it outsourced, some of it in-sourced. We work rapidly on 3 fronts – connection building (target prospects and “in-betweeners”), personal brand building and getting your website ready for the inbound action.

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