LinkedIn Strategy 3 – Go For It

This is for people that want business from it and seriously.

Kicks off with a sustained and high-pace 3 months strategy, lots of it outsourced, some of it in-sourced. We work rapidly on 3 fronts – connection building (target prospects and “in-betweeners”), personal brand building and getting your website ready for the inbound action.

This is where you set the pace. We are interested in building two audiences simultaneously:

1. Building a following outside of your group.

Your initial boost from your fellow group members only gets you so far. Part of that equation is the quality of your content (keep reading), but it is also how many “in-betweeners” you have following you. These are people that have previously engage with your post. They may also be people you have some rapport with. As part of your strategy you’ll develop this audience to help your posts go much further.

2. Building a relevant audience of first-degree connections

These are your target prospects, and one day clients. Together we can set the pace. Connection with 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or more connections each day. Then each time your have a successful post, with the support of your fellow group members, and your “in-between” audience, LinkedIn will display your post much more deeply into your relevant first degree connections.

What’s The Goal?

Quite simply, it is sales. But done in the right way. During the first 3 months, you want to be posting at least 3 times a week, but likely much more often – up to 5 or more times.

What we are doing is building and influencing a growing audience of potential clients through our content.

You can choose our Originating service. This is where you can:

1. Have us interview you monthly. This gives us the material to produce original posts reflecting you as a person, your tone and style. They will be designed to work positively with both the LinkedIn and Human Algorithm, helping your message to spread internally to your first degree, and much more widely to relevant 2nd and 3rd degree connections

2. Critique your posts. In addition to the number of posts you want us to originate, we will critique up to 20 further posts per month.

3. Coaching and Strategy. At the beginning, we set targets for your growth. The goal is to turn you into a prominent influencer in your sector on LinkedIn. The goal will be about the size of the first degree connections and in-between audience you wish to build while we work together – 500, 1000, 2000 or more each month? It will also include a content and regular reporting to ensure we are on track.

4. Lead Magnet, Landing Page And Autoresponders. You may also wish to convert your LinkedIn prospects into both sales and leads. Have us produce those materials for your as a one-off project.

5. Your profile page. We work together to ensure your profile maximises conversions. Each time you get a viral “hit”, your profile page will be frequented by dozens or even hundreds of people who may well be target clients. This step ensures you maximise your chances of generating enquiries and sales.

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