How Do You Make LinkedIn Work For You?

Quite simply, the aim of this article is to show you how to attract an awful lot of attention through LinkedIn, and then convert it.

But post “views” are vanity, profit is sanity. Attention without results is pointless.

What The LinkedIn “Ninjas” Don’t Tell You

The secret to LinkedIn success is acting like you would in the real world.

Imagine, seeing the potential partner of your dreams across the way at a local bar.

Would you walk up to them and say “Hi, great to meet you, would you like to get married?”

An extreme example maybe. But think about business networking events.

Have you ever met the over-enthusiastic salesperson?

They shake your hand and immediately launch into something like “Hi, I’m Brad, I sell photocopiers, can I interest you in a fantastic deal to reduce your print costs?”

This doesn’t work in the real world. But it’s how most people go about LinkedIn.

The marriage proposal example. And the “Brad the salesperson” example both have something in common.

They missed the relationship building part.

On LinkedIn, you see this in automated connections, followed by a message after you accept saying something almost the same.

The Important Point Most Miss – Folded Arms

Those taken in by the ninjas are committing commercial suicide, but they don’t realise it.

What is actually happening is that the majority of people you message like this think you are Brad.

Like with Brad, each time they see him coming at a networking event, people go hide. They will hide from you.

They don’t tell him they don’t like his abrupt manner. They simply ignore him.

Some however do get upset and are brave enough to say so to his face.

Every now and again, someone is beaten into submission and agrees to meet.

But they are arms-folded when he arrives. Ready for battle. All of their salesperson defence mechanisms on high alert.

On LinkedIn, it’s pretty much the same. Some will reply – often sarcastically. Most will ignore.

Yes, you may get some very luke-warm leads. The arms-folded brigade.

But by doing this you are alienating people who could very well have become clients.

Introducing The Method That Works

Okay, I’ve given the game away. You will already have guessed that how you act on LinkedIn is pretty much the same as you do in the real world.

It’s about being yourself. It’s NOT about selling all the time.

Like a cinema trip, don’t play mostly ads with the odd bit of movie occasionally thrown in.

Or people leave the theatre never to come back.

Start conversations – about what you do. About general business issues. Occasionally a personal story with an analogy that applies to business.

Show the movie in other words that people want to watch. You will build an audience. They will stay in their seat.

You earn the right for an ad break every now and again.

How It Works

We become your ghost-writers.

You have your posts written to circumvent the LinkedIn algorithm so more people see it.

But it is your thoughts. It is you and your values. It is what you would say.

Of course you see the posts before they are published.

Feels strange someone else being you? Hear someone who thought precisely the same in this short article: How To Secure Precisely The Clients You Seek Through LinkedIn

We produce messages that attract your targets into those conversations without a sales pitch.

We either show you how to do all the background stuff– such as connecting to the precise prospective clients you seek.

Or for an extra fee one of our team will do that for you remotely each day with 50-100 people (there’s a daily limit on how many you can connect to).

Package set-up:

• Coaching for you or an appointed colleague on the supporting work (connecting with people, sending messages etc). Or if you want us to do that, we’ll take care of it.
• An in-depth interview with you – what makes you tick? What are your personal and business values? That is the foundation for writing your posts

The Core Work We Do For You

Writing – you get a team of writers who get to know you and produce posts that really attract the eventual audience you want
Build a following of potential clients – on a daily basis, we build a list of them based on the frequency or their likes and comments. Once we have established the rapport, next is…

• …Campaigns – tailored for you and your target prospects. Messages once we know them which create the opportunities to close deals

Make them drink the water. What we are doing is like taking the horse to the water. How we precisely do that is determined by how you go about the start of a client relationship. Do you have a sales team for example? If so, we can give them the juiciest potential clients to follow-up. Or, you may prefer to take them to a page on your site to complete the sale – that is all tailored around how you want us to help close those deals. So if the horse aint drinking, we scoop it up in a dish for them.

What You Need To Do

At some point, you need to take over the relationship.

So you’ll be needed to join in the conversations in the comments on your LinkedIn posts.

You can’t safely outsource this part. What if someone you met a few years ago comments on your post?

We can’t download the relationships you have built. The more you converse with potential clients on your post, the better the results will be.

What Else Do You Need?

For this to work, you will also need to upgrade your account to LinkedIn Sales Navigator if you don’t already have it – you pay that direct to LinkedIn.

Important – Corporate vs Personal

Corporate speak does not work on LinkedIn. It is the human algorithm we are dealing with.

All tests we have done prove we cannot attract clients for you if we don’t do anything other than communicate as you – as a real person in other words.

The ideal tone is an informal coffee-shop style business meeting. Relaxed and informal yet professional.

People buy people. They don’t relate to talking logos.

I stress this now, because although we value your input on the posts and messages we produce, we know what works and what doesn’t.

We need your commitment and support to taking that tone on LinkedIn.

Next Steps

There’s a lot to take in there.

Now this may shock you – we do not take on every client who enquires.

In fact, we’ve (very politely) rejected many enquirers for a variety of reasons:

  • They don’t “get” it – they listen to the principles outlined on this page, and then want to change the formula to suit their need to sell fast. We are dealing with real people. You can’t rush a relationship. You can however build a huge audience who will happily listen to you given time.
  • Corporate and branded tone and style. A talking logo simply doesn’t work on LinkedIn. We can’t change human nature and people don’t relate to corporate voices.
  • They have a consumer product that doesn’t suit a business-to-business platform like LinkedIn

We both need to be on the same page and expectations mutually managed in advance.

It does help if we chat so your questions can be answered. We can also see explain the options so you know everything you need to know to make this work mutually.

So, do you want to build a huge audience and win more clients through LinkedIn?

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