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Networking Online – 9 Minutes A Day

£18 per month (inc VAT)

Quite frankly, if you love diving in there and selling, this isn’t for you.

It’s for Business Owners.

But only those who agree with the principal of building rapport and trust as a foundation of attracting clients.

It’s about creating the space for people to buy, rather than quick-fire smash and grab sales pitches.

Building a solid base from which those relationships, over time, could have the people you get to know recommending you.

You can experience the same too, with a sprinkle of networking thrown in. Relationships started, developed and nourished gradually online. Without the need to meet. Nor a huge time commitment.

The minimum requirement is 9 minutes of your time each morning between 8 and 9AM Monday to Friday (GMT), to support 20-40 fellow members of an online networking group.

It’s a sensible, slow-burn relationship building strategy – with perhaps the occasional mini-avalanche of interest if you follow the steps.

Step 1 – Daily Post

At 8AM each morning, you’ll get an email.

It will include a link to visit the LinkedIn profile of between 1 and 2 of your fellow group members. Each member has one post per month which gets the focus of the whole group the morning you post it.

Step 2 – Conversation

Visit their profile. Click “see more” on their post, read, like and comment. About 4.5 minutes each.

Step 3 – Getting To Know People

Connect with the other members on LinkedIn. Slowly get to know them, what they do, ask questions. Meanwhile, you’re also reading what other group members say, building a full picture of the people behind each business.

You’ll also start to see their posts and comments as LinkedIn starts to display the posts of people you interact with the most.

Step 4 – Creating A Safe Place To Buy

When you are commenting on another’s post, there is no pressure to buy. In fact, it’s strongly recommended you only go into “sales mode” when a member contacts you directly.

So ask questions about what that member does in your comments. Find out about them. How their product or service works.

Ask questions to help showcase what that member does to others who may have similar questions.

It allows that member to answer in public and educate the other members. Oh, and the rest of the world too, which neatly brings us to step 5…

Step 5 – The Other 466,999,960 People On LinkedIn

Can you see what we are doing yet? Each month, you get to post and be supported by 20-40 people.

Why 8-9AM? Because LinkedIn prefers to spread posts that have likes and comments, and shows them to increasingly more people.

Most posts are shown to only a few of your immediate connections before LinkedIn downgrades it. They die off quickly. Your post however will have a momentum before the big switch on.

At 9AM when everyone arrives at work, a percentage of people connected to your fellow members will see a lively post. It will also dig deeper into your own connections so they see it too.

Others may comment and like. Many of these posts could potentially be shown to thousands. Or even tens of thousands.

Here’s one of mine which took a similar route:

Of course this is my outlier.

Not every post will do as well. I sometimes get 4,000, 9,000, 25,000 views on a post. Others get more than even the above example, some far less.

You’ll learn how.

But of course, the main purpose is creating the space for your fellow members to help you build your LinkedIn profile and reputation. They may buy? They may get your message to others on LinkedIn who may buy.

Step 6 – Selling/Buying From Each Other

Firstly, there’s no obligation to do so. So let’s not treat any questions on your post as a reason to pounce in there with a pitch.

Members are encouraged to ask you questions to reflect what others may be thinking – fellow members but also anybody else tuning in as your post is shown to others.

But if you were actually interested, contact that member directly because they will otherwise assume you’re helping to educate with your questions.

If you get contacted, yes, you can of course pitch your service.

Education – LinkedIn

Online 40 was created to help people get more business from LinkedIn. It was also created to be sensitive to your working day.

So, once you have submitted your monthly article, or, supported 1-2 other members, from 8:01 to 9:00AM, your day is free and you’ve moved your business a step forward.

But of course, when you have moments during the day, you can continue to build your network.

As part of your membership, you will receive regular tips and lessons for getting even more out of LinkedIn.

How To Write A Potentially Viral Post

Once your membership application is approved, and you have pre-paid your first month’s subscription, You will immediately receive a guide to writing an ideal monthly post.

About 250 words long (or 1,300 characters), you can cram an awful lot into it to make that post spread.


That Is Why Most Members Arrive Here By Invitation

If a group has an opening, we’ll ask the members to recommend people they know for those openings. If there’s no immediate vacancy, a waiting list is created.

Each group is launched once there’s a minimum of 20 people. Until that point nobody pays.

First step is applying to join before we can take you to the next step.

This is not a judgement on you at all – it’s simply to ensure nobody else is already doing the same as you in any group you can join.

Optional Whatsapp Informal Chat Group

Whatsapp is Marmite. Many love it (you’re in). Many don’t (leave or re-join as you wish). Or sit on the fence, mute the notifications and tune in whenever you have time.

Let’s Get The Rules Out Of The Way

By applying, you are agreeing to the basic rules when the group kicks off.

Essentially this is supporting your fellow members between 8:00AM and 09:00AM.

Your support will be required every day from Monday to Friday.

It’s a commitment, but because of Smartphones, it should be possible for most.

If this isn’t for you, let us know – we may create groups with different start times.

3 strikes and you’re ALMOST out. People have holidays. You may also be busy. But 3 exceptions in a month is fine.

We’ll have a grown-up approach to this with a polite warning email, but persistent lack of support for fellow members is not fair on them, and can lead to the termination of your membership.

It’s not fair to expect to receive without giving something back.

With that in mind, we will monitor the participation.

The Hard Part Done – Apply First

All we need is an acceptance from yourself to an email outlining the rules of engagement, and places in each group will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Don’t Pay Yet

As soon as your membership is approved, you will be invited to return to this page and set up your monthly subscription.

Remember: The minimum membership is 1 month – after that you can cancel at any time.

That means we are ready to launch your group (starts with 20, capped at 40), and your guide to writing your monthly post will be sent, as well as tips and techniques for effective online networking using LinkedIn.

Is this for you? Maybe, let’s hear what one member said…

LinkedIn works the same. Humans are the same. So why not? Here’s what Joanne Summers from the first UK club said:

“I wasn’t getting enough views before to even trigger the analytics.”

Her very first post as a member hit over 12,000 views.

She sent a message to the entire group saying:

“Folks, I’ve already told Ian but I’ve just been invited to be a guest speaker on a podcast.”

“There’s no way that this is not linked to my post yesterday and today. So I wanted to thank you all for your support and encourage the ongoing support of each other’s posts!”