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What’s The Best Strategy For You?

LinkedIn Strategy 1 – Build A Light Brand Presence – a gentle starting point for those who know they need to stay in the game, but don’t quite know where it’s headed.
LinkedIn Strategy 2 – Slow Build – this is for people who have seen the results others are getting and want to make a steady start, but know that they need to go further than toe-dipping.
LinkedIn Strategy 3 – Go For It – this is for people that want business from it and seriously. Kicks off with a sustained and high-pace 3 months strategy, lots of it outsourced, some of it in-sourced. We work rapidly on 3 fronts – connection building (target prospects and “in-betweeners”), personal brand building and getting your website ready for the inbound action.

thechallengeLinkedIn is getting results for others, but little or nothing is happening for you.

You post something. You may get 11 views. Sometimes over 100.

So why is everyone else getting thousands? And why are so many people commenting?

But not only that, you hear that some are getting all of their new business from LinkedIn.

Are you feeling rather lonely right now?

There are ways of improving. And you can do it without anyone else.

But what if there was a way to team up? And by doing so, you jointly amplify each other’s voice?

And you also look out for opportunities and tag in your team-mates. That’s Online 40.

thesolution…Is quite simply team networking. By joining a club of up to 40 fellow business owners, you can build your brand and business together. 

In Online 40, you learn about 2 key things:

1. The LinkedIn Algorithm
2. The Human Algorithm

And you do that as a team. Firstly, finding out what LinkedIn wants to see to spread your message.

But it’s the human side that you also need to get right. That’s why it’s best done as a team.

Supporting each other. Learning together. Sharing successes. Working as a team.

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Drayton Bird, Author And Marketing Legend: DraytonBird“I have worked with Ian Denny for 14 years, including a pleasant recent project in Indonesia, so can tell you the truth. If you want more new business (and who doesn’t in this miserable economy?), he shows you how to get it – not in theory, but before your very eyes, at your desk. If you have anything worth selling, you will be getting enquiries quickly, and be left with the tools to keep them coming in as often as you want. Ian is too damn modest. I don’t know anyone who comes up with so many clever ideas so fast.”
(Drayton Bird on Wikipedia)

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What Do People Say?

Here’s What Viorica Said

“I used to get maybe 4 or 5 views of a post on LinkedIn as a job-seeker.”
“The very first post after Ian’s coaching reached over 7,000 views, the second 9,000 and the third, which he wrote for me after over half a million!”
“That post alone had me inundated with job interview offers, but it also secured me a client for freelance work.”
“The number of people connecting with me rocketed, and from being out of work, I am now starting up in business.”
“So when Ian started this club, I jumped at the chance.”
Viorica’s 500,000+ view post:

…And John Spinks

“I’d practically given up on LinkedIn, but that quickly changed after being schooled.”
“I’d even stopped posting. The last couple had no comments, 3 likes and just 39 views between them.”
“Afterwards, in Ian’s audience building phase, the first two posts got 76 comments, 49 likes, and 4,600 views (and counting). The penny has dropped – I now see how it works.”
Latest: John’s current post has now exceeded 277,356 views:

And Bob Evans

“I’ve known Ian for over 12 years, and I witnessed him grow a real-world networking group from scratch, to a twice monthly meeting of over 150 people at each.”
“In less than 4 weeks, Ian has shown me how to significantly grow the reach of my posts. I even checked the numbers. Before, in the last few posts before Ian got involved I would get as few as 171 views, and either no comments and likes, or just a few.”
“Afterwards, I am averaging 1,748 views per post, with the latest reaching 3,568.”
“My connections are increasing, conversations increasing, and more people are noticing my activity when I meet them.”
“That’s why I didn’t hesitate to join. This format is something that matches my beliefs, and I am very much excited about getting started.”

…And Salma Khattab

“Before Ian’s help, I was barely getting any engagement. However, my highest normal post had received 701 views, 4 comments, and 4 likes. Others received an average of 450 views, mainly from my first degree network. “
“On my first post after Ian’s help, I had 3872 views, 36 comments and 34 likes.”
“I’ve noticed more connection requests and followers. Engagement depended on the post itself, but the post style that Ian recommended brought on more engagement in terms of comments and likes.”
“I am genuinely surprised by the amount of work that Ian does just to help out, above and beyond any expectations! He definitely over delivers.”