Pleasantly Surprise Your Clients To Get Them Talking

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People talk when you do something unexpected. No, I’m not talking about clucking around your business neighbourhood dressed as a chicken which I suggested you avoid in how to get on the tips of many tongues.

I’m taking it up a notch by suggesting very simple, no or little cost things to do which can pleasantly surprise your clients or those who normally recommend you.

Firstly, Reward Referrals

It’s surprising, but sometimes people don’t even say thank you. But to be pleasantly surprising, and trigger even more potential referrals, don’t just say thank you.

Write to them. And I mean send a handwritten note. The mail service still exists and it works.

Or go a step further and spend a little – send a bar of chocolate or a gift. And you won’t even have to go shopping, find it, buy it, wrap it, and post it. You can do so from your desk – try Moonpig (that’s the UK site, but there are US and Australian versions too).

Say something like “Thank you so much for recommending us recently! It’s such a great feeling to receive such a very much welcome compliment like that – to me and the entire team because we all talk about it and gives us all a little boost. Referrals and word of mouth like this are the lifeblood of our business, and our growth helps us invest more in continuing to improve and deliver a better service. Please accept this small token of our appreciation with our sincerest thanks!”

You can simply copy that, and paste it into the message which goes in the card accompanying your gift. Send chocolates maybe and say “they’re for you personally, but you’re welcome to share them with the team too if you choose.”

That way, other people within your referring clients’ companies will remember you too and maybe they’ll recommend you. For whatever reason, gestures like this are memorable and get people talking.

Now, Reward Custom

Maybe they are the same people as your referrers, but don’t forget customers who haven’t yet referred.

You can thank them for their first order. For continued custom and loyalty. For an anniversary – look at your accounts package and get a list each week of 1 year, 2 year etc anniversaries since they first bought from you.

Send a similar message.

But maybe add a post-script like this:

P.S. Referrals are the lifeblood of our business. If you know anyone else who would appreciate the same levels of service we pride ourselves on, please recommend us!

Exceed Their Expectations

Do something extra they didn’t expect. Something which would make you talk, will make them talk. If you sell a product, send a little extra occasionally and say – “we appreciate you so much, so here’s a little extra on us.”

If a client is expecting delivery in 2 days and you can do it, find a way of getting it there tomorrow. And send them an email in advance to say “we thought you might want it earlier, so we’ve hurried things along for you and it should be delivered today instead of tomorrow.”

All of these things will surprise people pleasantly. If you use your imagination, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with several ways of doing the unexpected rather than always just delivering as promised.

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