The Lawyer Word Of Mouth Lightbulb Moment

rocketWord of mouth lives or dies by being memorable

Just doing a good job can be remembered. But what about making a lasting impression? So much so that you are remembered by your clients for many years?

The lightbulb moment is just one example for those involved in conveyancing – but it may give you some ideas for other areas of law. And it is exactly what it suggests – giving your clients a low energy lightbulb – quite literally.

So, when your clients complete their house sale, you can bet they’ll be moving house pretty soon. So why not make an impression – a small token gift.

And buying your lightbulbs in bulk can cost less than £2 each – in fact £1.79 here (I get no commission!) when you buy 30 or more.

It is these little touches that can make a huge difference. The impact far exceeds the cost.

But print a nice message on a card. Put the card and the bulb in a box. Say something in it like:

What does every house need when you first move in? That’s right, light! Please accept this small token of our appreciation for choosing us to help you move into your new home. We wish you well as you embark on this next chapter of your life. If you ever need us again, or come across anyone else who needs help, don’t hesitate to get in touch. From all the team at Bloggs & Co Solicitors.

Of course this is just one example. With a little thought and your own lightbulb moments, you can think of pleasant touch points which will cost you little, but will almost certainly make an impression far beyond the cost, and help to deliver referrals for many years to come.

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