Thinking 80/20 With Word Of Mouth For Better Results

How do you feel about reducing your effort, but still achieving more? Let’s see how an Italian economist and his studies in the 19th century can help focus your word of mouth efforts.

8020-results-effort80/20 Thinking

In most businesses, if you take a step back, you can begin to find patterns of inequality which can be turned to your advantage.

Vilfredo Pareto, born in 1848 in Paris to an exiled Genoese Italian noble family, studied the distribution of wealth and noticed what is now commonly called an 80/20 law of distribution.

In other words, he discovered that roughly 80% of the wealth resides with 20% of the population. Not always exactly 80/20, the principle can be applied with equal validity to areas of business, nature and many other fields of study and observation.

Applied to the practice of accelerating word of mouth, it can first be observed in the unequal value of clients. Some spend significantly more, significantly more often, or act as a beacon for word of mouth far more than others.

And of course the converse is true. But for the clients that spend less and infrequently, you will also see examples of clients who demand much more, and drain your time and energy.

Often, they deduct from the bottom line rather than add to it.

So, what you need to do is step back and find those super performers. What makes them who they are? In business to business, they may be from a particular sector. They may be a particular size. In business to consumer endeavours, they may be in a particular salary bracket, profession or live in a particular area.

targetarrowFind Your Sweet Spot

If you don’t know where to start, dig out your invoices. Or open your accounts package and look for a top 10 report to look at your biggest spending clients.

Look for patterns like type of business they are in or how frequently they buy if you are in a business that experiences repeat work.

What do you notice?

That should give you a profile of exactly the type of client you are looking for. And if you concentrate your efforts on finding more clients, just like your very best, your bottom line results will appreciate it.

If you’ve examined this site, you will have noticed how stories and content based upon your clients experiences can significantly help. Stories that are produced from their perspective, using their own words to truly capture and bottle the essence of their positive experience.

Building a portfolio of evidence sets you up to uncork it strategically.

referralsNow Think Of Who You Know Who May Be Connected To Clients Like That

…and share your client stories with them.

Do that:

  • When you meet people who are connected to people on your hit list
  • By email – in your proposals to prospective clients
  • If you are involved in tendering, replace your case studies with client stories – they have more impact
  • Publish the stories on your website
  • Feature the stories in your regular newsletter to clients and prospects
  • If you attend events and are permitted, take your case studies along
  • In fact, find events where your best clients may be attending to specifically take them to
  • The people who gave you their case study – can they share their experience?

And why not engage an expert to help you make it happen?

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