Word Of Mouth: Your Voice Sounds Awful, But It Needn’t

Word of mouth astounds me. So many people, do so little about it, despite it being the biggest influence on buying decisions according to Nielsen.

The transmitter is the problem. It’s like CB radio. When you press the button, you can speak, but you can’t hear what anyone else is saying.

And that’s what we are all guilty of. We shout, broadcast – we, we, we…me, me, me. Very little of you, you, you.

If you have ever heard the sound of your own recorded voice, you’ll know what I mean. You don’t sound too good do you?

Sack yourself. Switch instead to the best voice for broadcasting. Your clients’ voices. What they say makes a difference. You? Well, you’re biased.

Your clients? They sound much better. Not only to you, but crucially, your potential customers. They’ve been there. They’ve tried you. They’ve loved what you do.

Bottle Their Stories…Correctly

And I mean the story. The essence of their experience. How did what you do impact them? In their life, in their business. And I’m not just talking about all that logical, boring stuff like saving money, increasing income, saving time etc.

How did what you do, actually make them feel? Happier? Applauded and praised by friends or colleagues for their wise choice of the absolutely wonderful things you do?

Now that’s what people want to hear. They don’t give a flying whatsit really about boring stuff like money. Whether we like it or not, we are emotional beings.

People are only attracted to money because of what it can do for them…emotionally.

If it was any other way, we would be like magpies. Entranced by pretty little pieces of paper, taking them home to feather our nest.

Money, does nothing for us. It is just brightly coloured paper. It’s what the money symbolises that we care about.

And that’s the essence of a client story – what it means on a human level.

When you bottle that story, all you are asking your clients is “how did that feel?” or “what did it mean for you personally?”

Now write down what they said. And next time you meet somebody just like that client, show them the story.

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